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I am not sure if I saw the movie on the releasing date.
( 15th April ,2006)
Dileep stars double role -- akash menon and anandakkuttan.
Anandakkuttan(dileep) is an agent who caters extra-actors for
the filmdom. Notonly he acts in small roles he gets
commission for supplying actors/actresses on time.

Gopika is one among the actors in Dileeps team. They are lovers
for a long time. The story gets the pace when a travel agent
comes and informs about arrival of Dileep's only brother
who was born and borught up in Germany. Dileep's mother left
his father and went to Germany when he was 4 years old ..
( paaavam !! )

There comes the next Dileep as Akash Menon , whos mental
growth is only of a small boy. Dileep and team who were
in financial crisis hopefully greets the only brother but
they are into more and more problems soon.

The story speeds with humour by dileep,lkjal and team.
Very bad story. repeatation and mixing up of many other
usual film stories. The climax is really borring and unbearable.

The only positives :- make up and presentation of
Akash Menon ( dileeps 2nd role) is good.


Blogger freelancer said...

pand PACHAKKUTHIRA vannal pysa varum ennayirunnu vishwasam
inn PACHAKKUTHIRA kandaal pysa pokum enn urapp!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2006 10:13:00 AM  

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